No.1 Pancake Takapuna

Allergen information

We have provided our own Allergen Chart on this page to help customers with food allergies and food sensitivities make more informed choices. If you have any more questions about our food, please give us a call on +64 22 5341 396 within operating hours and we would be happy to help.

Important note: We take the utmost care while designing our processes and training our staff, and take necessary precautions to safely cater to our customers’ food allergies and food sensitivities as best we can. However, we also want you to know that normal kitchen operations involve shared storage, cooking surfaces, preparation areas, and equipment, which create the possibility for cross-contact between the food you order and other foods containing other allergens. As all of our pancakes are cooked on the same griddle, there exists a possibility that the filling of other pancakes may come into contact with your pancake. For this reason, we cannot guarantee any item is completely allergen-free even after ingredients have been removed on request.

The food we supply to other restaurants contain the same ingredients in the same quantities as the food we serve at our Rosedale store. However, there exists a possibility that our pancakes may come into contact with other types of allergens due to different processes and other foods containing allergens present at different venues.

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