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Chicken Cheese

$9.90 incl. GST

Chicken tenderloin, crunchy cabbage, carrots and melted cheese mixed with...

Beef Cheese

$9.90 incl. GST

Premium beef mince, chopped cabbage, carrots, beans and melted cheese...

Potato Cheese

$8.90 incl. GST

Comfort food for when you deserve to treat yourself. Perfectly...

Ham & Pineapple Cheese

$8.90 incl. GST

A family favourite that is sure to please! Salty ham,...

Ham Cheese

$8.90 incl. GST

Classic combination of ham and melted cheese.

Pineapple Cheese

$8.90 incl. GST

A delectable balance of sweet and savoury. Sweet-tart pineapple and...

Double Cheese

$8.90 incl. GST

For cheese lovers. Gooey cheese with extra cheese.


$6.00 incl. GST

Sure to sweeten your day. Melted, decadent, semi-dark chocolate chips....

Red Bean

$6.00 incl. GST

A popular dessert filling throughout Asia. Smooth, sweet Korean red...

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

$6.00 incl. GST

Our take on the traditional Korean recipe. Cinnamon-spiced brown sugar...

Red Bean Cheese

$7.00 incl. GST

A delightful meeting between smooth, sweet Korean red bean paste...



$4.00 incl. GST
$5.00 incl. GST
$5.00 incl. GST
$5.00 incl. GST
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$5.00 incl. GST